Introduction: Theology, Psychology, & Christian Spirituality

It was a cold blustery night when I responded to a call for an armed robbery of a business in progress. I was the closest patrol unit in the area. As I drew close to the call, I shut off my lights and sirens and watched carefully while I approached the place of the crime. The dispatcher advised the make, model, and color ofthe vehicle for every responding officer. All of a sudden I see the car and a police pursuit ensues. I was equipped with a new Dodge Charger with a HEMI engine that was ready for the job. All my previous police training and experiences automatically kicked in to help me navigate through this challenge. I pursued the suspect on to a major highway with my backup just behind me . I will never forget the adrenalin dump into my system. I was driving over 140 miles per hour but everything had slowed down like molasses for me. It’s absolutely amazing how much multitasking can take place while driving at that speed. Every police unit had a responsibility; I became the communication car that provided details ofthe pursuit while another unit became the primary vehicle behind the bad guy. The pursuit continued into another police jurisdiction that joined the action. Eventually,the suspect crashed and was arrested.
I use this story to describe the need for an integrated approach to holistic mental & spiritual health. On this pursuit, I depended on several distinct factors that converged to make this arrest successful. I depended and trusted my police training and life experience, my instincts, my Dodge Charger, the dispatcher, Police teamwork, and the laws of the land to get the job done. Likewise, we need an integrated approach that embraces distinct disciplines like theology, psychology and spirituality to converge for transformational and sustainable change. Like my police pursuit, my blog will tackle the hard issues of life with an integrated and practical approach that seeks to heal and restore from within and without. I welcome you to join me on this pursuit for life.

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