LIfe Keys for Judge-Mentalism

Life Keys for Judge-Mentalism
“Do not be overcome by evil, butovercome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)
It was a packed court room; the judge asked the jury “do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?” You can hear a pin drop in the court room. The defendant accused of first degree murder was asked to stand for his judgment….the jury responded…GUILTY!!!
These judgments are appropriate and necessary only after the facts of a case are reviewed. However, when people are “JUDGE-MENTAL” they usurp the position of judge and determine guilt or innocence without investigation, understanding, or appropriate communication.
The Smoke Screens

Here is a check list that will help you identity a judgmental person (Hope For the Heart).

Secretly believe you are better than others?

Make assumptions about others without knowing the facts?
Obtain revenge for a personal offense?
Kid with intent tohurt?
Envy the success of others?

Shift personal blame to others?

Camouflage personal discontentment?
Rebel against and resist authority?
Employ sarcasm as asource of humor?  
Elevate self by putting others down?
Nurture perfectionistic tendencies to make yourself better?


Research reveals that toxic relationships that are constantly bombarded with negative criticismscan convert into physical dis-ease. Painful messages wound self-worth. In response, hurt people tend to hurt people with their own criticisms as a means of self-defense.

Harshness says—“You’re not worthy.
Unconcern says—“You’re not valuable.”
Rejection says—“You’re not acceptable.”
Taunting says—“You deserve to be put down.”

How to Respond

I liken a sharp criticism to an unwarranted assault. When the assailant throws a verbal jab you have the ability to dodge it. Make receiving the punch a personal choice, instead of taking the criticism right on the chin. Remember life is about choices! You cannot control what people say, but you can choose how it will affect you.

I believe this is a practical application to overcoming evil with good. When a negative criticism comes your way don’t get emotionally charged and fall into the defensive trap. Take a deep breath and repeat what the judge-MENTAL person said, raising your voice as if your questioning the criticism. This will buy you some time to think about what you want to say, but it also lets the offender know that you were bothered by their criticism. They may apologize immediately.

Judge-MENTALISM is about control and manipulation. You can disarm a criticism and a judgmental person when you don’t allow what they say to steal your peace and joy. You remain in control of your feelings while appearing confident.


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